Justine Russo, Photographer

Welcome to my online store!! So excited you're here!! I am working on getting the store filled with a few different guides, workshops and mentoring sessions! If there's anything you'd like to see here that's missing, be sure to let me know! Want to know more about me and who I am?! Check out my website at www.justine-russo.com

About Me

Justine Russo

Photographer, store owner

I am a sentimental wedding photographer for adventurous couples. 

I believe that life's most sentimental moments happen when we dare to slow our life down. To me that means being all in, for every moment. Putting down and turning off the things that distract us and bravely choosing to be present in our own lives. Being busy is overrated. Build a life that scares you a bit because you never imagined you could accomplish it. "The only way you'll figure out how far you can go, is to risk going too far. " - T.S.Eliot

I have been photographing weddings for 8 years, been married for 10 and have two kids! I originally went to school to be a teacher and a coach and I think I've found the perfect way to combine the two!